More Money Made Simple™

Exclusive one-on-one coaching for business owners + entrepreneurs ready to stress less and earn more — one simple, actionable step at a time.

I know you doubt it right now, but you truly are just one story away from success.

You are a leader, born to help the people you’ve been called to serve and driven to fulfill the vision that keeps you coming back to entrepreneurship again and again (despite the setbacks and hardships).

Others see you as confident, commanding, and powerful in your sphere of influence, and they often praise you, expressing gratitude for your messages, posts, trainings, and more.

And you’re already doing “all the right things.” You’re willing to invest in yourself and your legacy. You’re self-aware and trying to take steps in personal development. You’ve probably even hired a coach for your business.

You’re not broke, but you know you’re not making what you could. (And you don’t know how to fix it.)

You find yourself wondering:

  • “If they like me so much, why aren’t fans opening up their wallets to become customers?”
  • “Why is it that, month after month, I fall short of my revenue goals?”
  • “What if this month I can’t make the balancing act between revenue and growth work?”
  • “If I let up, am I going to lose everything I’ve worked so hard to build?

When what you really want is to:

  • Have that breakthrough month (whether it’s $5K, $10K or $100K in one month)
  • See your revenue exceed your expenses (not just meet it)
  • Breathe easy knowing numbers are gathering in your savings account as you travel and serve

Because that’s what it’s about, isn’t it?

  • Serving in a greater capacity
  • Leaving a legacy — in ideas and income
  • And making your mark in the world

That’s the kind of legacy and impact I want for you. It’s possible.

If you’re willing to believe.

Are you in?

Working with Joe was a really profound wake-up call. The exercises seem pretty simple and easy to go along with — which is good for me because I tend to overthink it — but the experience is life-changing. I know that term seems overused, but it really was. It was a huge shift.

Thank you, Joe. You presented the exercise, but then there’s the holding of space that makes it okay to look in that scary mirror… to see what it’s actually going to show me. Having someone to hold that space while you look in the scary mirror, is very, very, very, very helpful. I’ve done in thirty days what I’ve been trying to do for three years.

Jillian Marie

Owner, 360 Style

You can provide for your family, reach your financial goals, and set yourself free to travel the world… And you don’t have to burn yourself out to do it.

More Money Made Simple™ is an exclusive, one-on-one coaching program power-packed with tools and experiences designed to help entrepreneurs like you who work too hard and make too little — especially in comparison to the size of your dreams — to finally generate the income you desire.

It’s a complete money reeducation around how you see, interact with, and invite cash + resources into your life where I combine energetic + personal development principles with practical applications to help you see real results in a short amount of time.

Manifestation through action, not wishful thinking.

Prosperity through healing, not working harder.

I’m bringing you the best practices extracted from thousands of hours researching, implementing, analyzing and re-testing the process for making more money. By blending the woo of energy with the laws of science, I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to create a world where the possible becomes the probable and money flows in as they get out of their own way.

It’s not magic, but it is simple.

And I want to teach you how to do the same.

Because here’s the truth… all that resistance, doubt, and fear you experience around money? IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT.

You have a money story — an experience from your past that has manipulated your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors towards money, usually to the detriment of your relationship with money — and it’s ruling your behavior.

You didn’t pick it. You didn’t ask for it. And you definitely didn’t do anything to deserve it.

It just happened:

  • You experienced something in your past that created a thought about money — something was said to you, done to you, or you saw it said/done to someone else and your child brain went, “Oh! That’s how the world works.”
  • Then that thought, repeated over and over in a pattern, created a money story.
  • And now those money stories (left unchecked) drive not just the way you look at money, but your entire life as well.

The good news? It can be different.

Over 8 powerful weeks, I’ll walk you through the entire process — everything you need to know — to rewire your brain so that it will call money opportunities to you rather than push them away.

We’ll unpack the entire process, including:

  • Uncovering the feelings, thoughts, and emotions that are impacting your income.
  • Investigating your money story so you can understand what money is telling you (and what you need to do differently).
  • Rewriting your money future — it gets to be different than the one your past says you have to have!
  • Implementing simple, actionable steps that target your patterns directly, getting you results fast.
  • And analyzing the results from session to session so you can become your own expert at identifying, healing, and rewriting the money stories that will continue to show up.

By combining instruction, coaching, and personal introspection through PDF guides, More Money Made Simple™ is everything you need to finally remove the obstacles that are preventing your hard work from producing more than enough.

And it starts with one small step.

Making money doesn’t have to be complicated.

If you’ll trust me by doing the work (no matter how weird it may seem!), I can help you increase your power and understanding around making more money in your life and business.

Play full out and by the end of the 8 weeks you’ll leave with:

  • A checklist of the exact feelings, thoughts, and emotions blocking your money flow.
  • One money story completely identified and unpacked.
  • At least 5 tools you can use to heal and rewrite that story so it will serve rather than hold you back.
  • All the recordings of our sessions together so you can revisit the process again and again as you move through the next levels of your money understanding and power.
  • And CASH — while I cannot guarantee a specific amount or outcome, every client who has done the work has had income opportunities show up for them during our time together.

Beyond the tangibles, you’ll also have:

  • A deeper understanding about your relationship with yourself, others, God, money and time.
  • Clarity around the real reasons money struggles to show up for you.
  • Confidence in your ability to generate more than enough revenue month after month.
  • Greater love, compassion, grace, and appreciation for yourself.
  • New, unexpected relationships and opportunities.
  • Renewed commitment to your legacy as you see that you can make more money through simple action.

Not only are you capable, you are worth it.

Working with Joe was innovative and comforting, and I was really impressed by the effectiveness of the homework he gave me. Like seriously — I progressed in leaps and bounds after applying the exercises. He provides tools but, at the end of the day, he’s not going sugarcoat that YOU need to do the work to get the results. Which I HIGHLY recommend you do — they’re quite literally life changing. Joe WILL identify your problem and WILL provide you the tools to overcome. I only wished I lived closer to Joe so we could meet in person.

Kajana Movery

CEO, HI000 Social Media Agency

But it does require ACTION.



This deep, eye-opening assessment helps us both understand all facets of your relationship with money. Many clients are surprised by the insights they glean through this assessment tool alone.


Rather than waste our time with “starter” work during the first session, I give you a few simple assignments that will quickly help you identify your prime money story “themes” that we’ll work to heal and re-write during our time together.


How many appointments you receive is up to the work and pace you set. The first is a deep dive into your money story as I help you identify, unpack, and begin to heal the true root of your money issue. Each appointment after is custom tailored to your breakthroughs and needs. Once your homework is completed from the previous week, we’ll schedule your next appointment — up to one appointment a week. Most clients end up with 5 appointments. But for those who want to go all in and create serious movement in their money, you can have up to 8 appointments. It just takes doing the work.


Email or text me in between sessions as you run into problems, encounter new blocks, or experience a breakthrough that you want to celebrate.


You receive video recordings of all our sessions. Review for deeper insight or to capture things you may have missed the first time through.


I’ll send a few extra, hand-selected resources your way. From books to CDs, these are chosen based on your specific money mindset needs.

Is More Money Made Simple™ right for you?


You are a business owner or entrepreneur who knows you struggle with aspects of your money mindset and are ready for help to fast track your results.

You want expert guidance to help you identify both your money story and the steps necessary to change your mindset and produce results.

You are willing to take accountability for thoughts, feelings, and behavior towards money.

You are ready to take action and willing to do whatever is asked of you (as long as it’s legal, moral, and ethical) to create a healthy money future.

You are open to new possibilities and perspectives. 

You want those private, in-depth conversations and are practiced at feeling the fear and taking action anyway.


You think all you need is more information and you believe you can take care of everything on your own.

You resist taking action, especially if it sounds, looks or feels like “woo.” There is no place for trying new things in your life or business.

You do not see the value of investing in yourself, your business, and your mindset, and you only see ROI in terms of cash rather than experience, growth, relationships, etc.

You tend to blame outside forces for the money not coming in and you don’t want to change.

You think you have it all figured out and are not open to learning about money from another perspective.

You are more committed to the fear in your money relationship than you are to the legacy you envision and the people you serve.

Joe Burns is a coach that meets you where you are and gives you the steps and the confidence to achieve your goals. Joe gave me a simple powerful step that led to my asking someone to invest in me and they said “Yes”. Following that step led to more than doubling my business income and the courage to ask for what I considered to be “impossible” things.

Lynne Maureen Hurdle

The Conflict Closer

Hey, I’m Joe. And I talk to money.

Even stranger, it talks back and it definitely has a lot to say.

See, my superpower is hearing in-between the words we use when we talk about money, to the real reasons why we don’t have more, why it’s hard to get a certain number, or why money is holding us back.

As I’ve listened to and adjusted my own thoughts, emotions, and behaviors around money (aka my personal money story), I’ve been able to double my income in less than four years, break the $10K per month barrier, and fund the launch of three companies.

Now I help entrepreneurs who work too hard and generate “not enough” income to identify and clear up their money stories, infusing their businesses with cash and their lives with experiences. It’s what I do and I’m insanely good at it.

Here’s what I know: When we’re intentional about our actions towards adjusting our money stories, the results will follow. Every time.

Let’s do this!

Start today! Choose your path below.

Investment fee, investment options, and the financial agreement will be provided upon approval of your application. By submitting an application you are under no financial obligation.

And let me remove the stress.

If you don’t get the money story breakthrough I know is possible in your 8 weeks working with me, your next round of More Money Made Simple™ is on me. Period.

Still have questions?

Am I guaranteed more money?
No. Like any personal development endeavor, too much of the outcome is based of the efforts of the individual for me to guarantee a specific result. However, you are definitely joining an experience where I am obsessed with helping you get there. Your results are affected by your commitment and willingness to do the work. Those that show up and dig in always see results.
Why pay you when I can read books for free?

Between Google and your local library, you can find anything you need to know about money for free. But what you won’t find is someone to hold the space while you look into the “scary mirror” of your money story and help you take the often uncomfortable steps to move past it. And, as far as I know, there isn’t a single free resource that can talk to your money and hear as your money talks back.

I've already invested in so many coaches, what makes this different?

There’s a reason you’re reading this page all the way to the end. A reason why you’re asking this question. Things haven’t worked… at least not the way you wanted or you wouldn’t be looking for another solution. Here’s the truth…

Your current and former coaches are probably kickass leaders who know their stuff. (Otherwise, a smart person like you wouldn’t have hired them.) But here is what they don’t have: the ability to both talk to and hear back from money.

One of my intuitive gifts is to hear between the lines of what people are saying to the truths waiting beneath the surface. I’m not going to teach you gimmicks, funnels, cash flow strategies, or any other tactic for generating income. I go deeper. I’m looking at the issues found in your energetic DNA that are literally pushing away the money you are working so hard to call to you. Remove the “pusher” via simple, practical tools and money shows up faster. Cool thing? You don’t even have to believe in energy or my gift for it to work for you.

So, if you’ve never worked with someone who can have a conversation with money in order to pinpoint the problem and the most effective solution, it’s about time you did. Because your money is talking! And I know what it’s saying.

I don't have enough money to pay for this experience. What should I do?

Very few business owners and entrepreneurs do not have money, especially if you’re used to investing in yourself. When people tell me, “I don’t have money,” what I really hear is one of two things:

  1. “I don’t want to spend my money on this experience.”
  2. “I’m afraid of looking at the deeper hurt that is at the root of my money issues.”

If you fall into the first camp, either I didn’t do my job of explaining the amazing benefits of More Money Made Simple™ or you don’t actually want more money. Either way, we should talk. CLICK HERE to schedule a free appointment with me.

If you fall into the second camp (where the majority of my clients have been at one point or another), I get it. Looking at the deeper hurts and fears found at the root of our money stories can be intimidating. That’s exactly why I don’t want you trying to do it alone. Why walk around in the dark when there is someone who can help you turn on the light? Worried you’re not a good fit for More Money Made Simple™? CLICK HERE to schedule a free appointment with me. Let’s talk.

I'm worried I won't make back my investment. Is this a risk worth taking?

There is always a risk when we invest in anything — especially business and personal development. In this case, you are investing in your own personal growth. If you show up and do the work, the results will follow — every single time.

The best thing about working with Joe is how simple he makes the whole process. He boils it down to a non-cookie cutter answer that still covers all of the basics. He also knows how to customize the work you do to match the resistance + results that come up along the way.

If you’re feeling frustrated because you know you want more for yourself and your income goals, then working with Joe Burns is a must-do. Take it from someone who is a recovering Lone Ranger (aka I didn’t think I needed anyone else but me) and a chronic do-it-yourself sort of person. In the 3 months I worked with Joe, I doubled my revenue…and more importantly, I completely changed the way I look at my money mindset.

Sarah Paikai

Founder, Speak Your Word

It’s time to rule your money world.

If you’re ready to have more clarity, confidence, understanding and cash flowing into your life — without all the stress and working harder (as if you aren’t already working hard!), then join me for More Money Made Simple™.

It’s simple, actionable steps to help you call in the money you deserve so you can create the impact and legacy you desire.

You really are just one story away from success. I promise.

I believe in you.

The only question left… do you?

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